Auctioneer Tom Cox was in top form at the Bostonia Livestock production sale, where the Feeney brothers Greg and Brendan and farm manager Niall Hynes hosted customers for their on-farm sale of pedigree heifers outside the town of Enniscrone, Co Sligo, last Friday 12 August.

Bostonia Sister Sister topped the sale, with Cox’s hammer falling at €8,400.

The sweet February 2021-born heifer is sired by Goldstar Hugo 2 ET from Bostonia Trident ET, a Kelton Tridant cow with Liscally bloodlines.

Sister Sister's natural twin, Bostonia Sister Act, followed her into the ring, selling for a healthy €5,400.

Second-highest price of the night went to Bostonia Rhoda ET.

Bostonia Rhoda ET, a Goldstar Echo daughter, went to a new home at €7,000.

The November 2021-born heifer is sired by Goldstar Echo, this time coming from the herd’s imported former show heifer Bessiebell Molly ET, herself sired by Newhouse Bigal.

Rhoda boasted figures to match her quality, ranking five stars on the replacement index and five stars for docility, carcase conformation and daughter milk. She was sold for a strong €7,000.

In-calf heifers

Bostonia Prettylady led the way for the in-calf heifers. Sired by the renowned Doonally New, the September 2019-born heifer was scanned in-calf to Ocean with her time up in October. Cox’s gavel fell at €6,000 for the powerful springer.

Bostonia Rose followed close behind, selling for €5,800. Sired this time by the herd’s stock bull Roughan Nevers, with her dam being the Dingle Hofmesiter cow Bostonia Lillypad ET, she sold in-calf to Lapon with her due to calf in the coming weeks.

With a mixture of new and old bloodlines throughout the sale, the revered Major was the sire of Bostonia Sapphire ET, again coming from one of the herd’s top cows Bostonia Lillypad ET.

The powerful July 2021-born maiden heifer saw Cox’s gavel fall at €6,600.

In a sale with three sets of twins and numerous embryo transfer siblings, ET sister to Rhoda Bostonia Remarkable ET found a new home at the price of €5,500.

Limousin and embryos

The smaller entry of Limousin heifers didn’t quite reach the dizzying high prices of their white counterparts.

However, Bostonia Rumour ET saw a strong price of €4,800 being paid for the August 2020-born maiden in the established Charolais home.

The Ampertaine Elgin heifer comes off one of the herd’s brood cows, Millbunr Mygirl ET, with the maternal grandsire being Wilodge Cerberus.

Rumour’s ET sister accompanied her in the ring, selling for €3,600 for the sharp maiden.

Despite a lulled crowd at the end of the sale, embryos traded for significant figures.

Top price in the embryo sale was a pair of Major/Berrymic x Bostonia Lillypad ET embryos which sold for €1,220 each.

Lillypad was also the donor cow for the second-highest pair of embryos, with a brace of Goldstar Echo embryos selling for €920 each earlier in the sale.

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