The event opened on Sunday and is being held until Thursday. Veterinary experts in cattle health from 78 countries are attending the global congress to promote the health and welfare of cattle.

Speaking on Monday, Mairead Wallace-Pigott, president of Veterinary Ireland, focused on the potential impact of Brexit.

“Brexit must not undermine animal welfare and food safety standards. These are at the heart of the success of the Irish agri-food industry,” she said.

Maintaining standards

“Ireland shares a land border with the UK. If Britain withdraws from these EU standards or applies different standards, it could have potential ramifications for cross-border processing, animal identity, animal disease controls or food safety. The EU should make every endeavour during exit negotiations to secure a British commitment to maintaining current EU food safety and animal welfare standards.”

Wallace-Pigott added that the vets attending this congress from throughout the world are innovators interested in using scientific progress and shared knowledge to complement their clinical veterinary expertise in the field of cattle veterinary care.

Importance of cattle-based production

Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed also spoke at the congress: “The bringing together of in excess of 3,000 veterinarians and scientists – with their expertise in cattle health – from 78 countries across the world, to Ireland (a country where cattle-based production is such a significant part of the socio-economic fabric of our country) is particularly appropriate.

“The congress offers a unique opportunity in knowledge-sharing, with 32 keynote lectures planned, complimented by oral and poster presentations, as well as workshops and symposia.”

More reports to follow from the World Buiatrics Congress throughout the week.

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