Tirlán, formerly named Glanbia Ireland, has removed all milk volume restrictions and the business is open to new milk supply.

Chair John Murphy confirmed to the Irish Farmers Journal at Ploughing 2022 that the Tirlán board has formally lifted all peak volume limits and all penalties on excess volumes over base supply.

“The board is reacting to changing circumstances and wants to remain positive about the future of dairy farming in Ireland. We have a small trading condition for new entrants, but, other than that we are open for new entrants with no restrictions, or qualifications, and, are willing to discuss new plans even to non-shareholders who are willing to evolve into co-op shareholders over time.”


Lakeland announced peak milk penalties in March. When asked this week if there were any changes given the Irish and global changes to milk supply, Lakeland chair Niall Matthews said they were keeping a watching eye on developments.

“The Lakeland board is mindful of global and Irish supply patterns and the board is keeping a watching brief on the Lakeland supply and peak volume penalty situation previously announced.”

Peak penalty scheme

He acknowledged the peak penalty scheme was not popular, but felt the board had to alert farmers to the Lakeland situation.

This year, unlike other processors, Lakeland supply was up 4%.

Tirlán’s milk supply year to date is down about 1.7%.