Luxembourg native with fleet of forestry kit in Roscommon
Peter Thomas Keaveney
Peter Thomas Keaveney travelled to Boyle in Co Roscommon to catch up with Luxembourg native Fred Jaeger who is involved in forestry reclamation and producing kindling timber.
21 September 2022 Forestry
Widespread support for a forestry development agency
Nurseries, foresters, farmers, contractors, sawmills, universities and forestry organisations support the establishment of a Forestry Development Agency. Donal Magner and Michael Guilfoyle report.
23 March 2022 Forestry
Timing clearfells to maximise revenue
The timing and revenue generation of final harvest is largely in the hands of the forest owner.
Safeguarding your timber
Donal Whelan, technical director of the Irish Timber Growers Association, outlines the advantages of formal secure contracts for seller and buyer.
23 March 2022 Forestry
Selling timber: as the sawmiller sees it
All of the eight major sawmills in Ireland are Irish-owned family enterprises rooted in their locales, writes Traolach Layton, forestry manager, GP Wood.
23 March 2022 Forestry
Maximising timber income for farmers
Victor Barber, harvesting manager of Western Forestry Co-op, outlines why you should hold on to trees and reap the benefits for yourself and future generations.
23 March 2022 Forestry