A look at farm building design including slurry and grain stores.

Focus on energy and climate change mitigation in new TAMS
Darren Carty
The On-Farm Capital Investment Scheme will include a higher rate of grant aid for energy saving initiatives and renewables, along with organic farming and LESS equipment.
9 November 2022 Farm buildings
Farm buildings: a year of stops and starts
It’s been a tumultuous year for farm buildings between inflation, supply issues and the proposed concrete levy.
9 November 2022 Farm buildings
Cubicle and calving accommodation with room for expansion in Tipperary
A new five-bay cubicle shed has eased pressure on three areas of housing in Nenagh, Co Tipperary, while leaving it open to fit more cubicles, if needed.
Four-bay dry shed for less than €24,000
Irish Farmers Journal contributor Kieran Sullivan has just completed work on a dry-bedded cattle shed on an old silage slab.
9 November 2022 Farm buildings
Housing requirements on Roscommon organic suckler farm
When it comes to suckler, beef and dairy farmers considering converting to organics housing requirements are said to be a significant barrier affecting many.
22 June 2022 Farm buildings
Farm building and infrastructure teaching facilities upgraded at Kildalton
Recently appointed farm infrastructure teacher Declan Byrne has added a 1-acre practical demonstration paddock to Kildalton’s teaching facilities to give students a more hands-on learning experience.
22 June 2022 Farm buildings
New 156 cow cubicle shed offers flexibility for expanded herd
A cubicle shed, completed in mid-2021, has increased cow accommodation and calving facilities.
22 June 2022 Farm buildings
Planning permission for farm buildings
Martin Merrick outlines some of the requirements surrounding planning permission and farm structures.
22 June 2022 Farm buildings
From constructing new cubicle sheds to insuring them
As input costs on farm continue to rise the old saying ‘mind the pennies and the pounds will mind themselves’ comes to mind.
22 June 2022 Farm buildings
Flexibility added through grain store construction in Co Donegal
Peter Lynch operates a tillage operation, along with beef cattle and a contracting business, from his base in Killea, Co Donegal.
15 June 2022 Farm buildings
Outdoor slurry stores: options for covering to prevent ammonia losses
Outdoor slurry storage facilities continue to be a cost-effective way for large amounts of slurry to be held over the winter, compared with traditional slatted tanks. Martin Merrick outlines options.
25 May 2022 Farm buildings
Hi-tech cleaning, drying and storage facilities for Meath tillage operation
An investment by the Hobson family has given them greater control over grain prices, as well as opening up new streams of revenue.
25 May 2022 Farm buildings