A look at farm building design including slurry and grain stores.

Dealing with building delays and TAMS grant aid
Darren Carty
An ongoing shortage of certain building materials/equipment and pent-up demand caused by coronavirus continues to put many farmers under pressure to get TAMS investments completed.
10 November 2021 Farm buildings
Grant aid ceiling to lift by €10,000 in new TAMS scheme
The investment ceilings for individual applications will increase to €90,000 while registered farm partnerships remains at €160,000 and a separate ceiling of €40,000 or €60,000 for LESS equipment.
10 November 2021 Farm buildings
Livestock housing considerations for organic farming
Farmers considering progressing down an organic farming route need to be mindful as to requirements on floor type and stocking densities.
Farming designs: time and labour-saving ideas
We are looking for your best building features and labour-saving initiatives to build a collection of designs that can share invaluable time saving ideas with other readers.
10 November 2021 Farm buildings
Environmental focus will bring many changes
Farmers will be required to pay greater attention in the future to timelines for nutrient storage and the reduction of gaseous emissions.
10 November 2021 Farm buildings
Robotic milking systems open days
The events will focus on an overview of each farming system and also discuss the installation and running costs of each.
23 June 2021 Farm buildings
Planning permission figures reflect increased activity
The number of planning permission approvals granted in quarter one of 2021 was recorded at 332 with this figure continuing the strong trend recorded in the second half of 2021.
23 June 2021 Farm buildings
Tailoring finances to deal with higher building costs
The 20% to 25% increase in steel and timber costs is significantly increasing the cost of building projects and leaving many farmers needing to relook at how the investment will be financed.
23 June 2021 Farm buildings
Requesting a new electricity supply or alterations to existing services
Darren Carty talks to ESB’s public safety manager Michael Murray about getting a new electricity supply for a greenfield site and alterations to existing supplies.
23 June 2021 Farm buildings
Sustainability and slurry storage
Aidan Brennan takes a look at some of the issues and solutions when it comes to slurry storage requirements.
26 May 2021 Farm buildings
How is the industry dealing with rising prices and building costs?
Darren Carty speaks to industry members to see how their business is coping with coronavirus and rising costs.
26 May 2021 Farm buildings
Sheep fencing tops TAMS sheep farmer submissions
Sheep fencing is ranked in seventh position in the top 10 most popular investments in TAMS II.
22 December 2020 Farm buildings