Some farmers are facing annual residential zoned land tax (RZLT) bills over €100,000, according to the IFA.

Its senior policy executive Shane Whelan described such a hefty tax as “nothing more than a land grab” which would put the affected farmers out of business. At an IFA webinar, he highlighted case studies of farmers hit with the 3% annual tax on the market value of their zoned land.

Whelan assumed the value of residential zoned land at €87,500/ac, using prices taken from on 20 April, excluding Dublin. At 3% of this market value, the IFA senior executive found that the average farmer would face an RZLT bill of €2,625/ac.

The IFA is working with a Killarney farmer who has 45ac zoned land eligible for the tax, now facing an annual tax bill of €118,125. Another Killarney farmer is facing a bill of €105,000.

A farmer outside Newcastle West, Co Limerick, is facing a bill of €78,750 on 30ac zoned and a farmer in Claremorris, Co Mayo, could be forced to pay €51,188 per year on 19.5ac zoned.

Whelan contrasted the €2,625/ac annual bill to the Teagasc National Farm Survey findings that the average dairy farm annual income is €521/ac and the average sheep farm is €158/ac.

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