A number of feed merchants have increased ration prices by €10/t from 1 December.

This latest feed price rise comes just two months after a similar increase in early October.

This brings a typical 16% protein general purpose ration to between €320/t and €330/t, while an 18% protein ration is costing anywhere from €350/t to €360/t.

Beef finishing rations are currently trading from €315/t to €320/t.

Increased freight costs, as well as high raw material prices, are being blamed for the increases.

Many feed companies are now buying feed stocks just weeks in advance and, with a buoyant global grain price market, increased costs are being passed on to the end user.

The price and availability of barley is currently causing concern, with import prices for January rising significantly.

Speaking to a number of feed merchants this week, they have been keen to emphasise that there are further potential price rises expected in the first quarter of 2022.

This could see ration prices €40/t to €50/t more expensive in spring 2022 than they were in autumn this year.