A reception was held for the foundation members of the Northern Ireland Institute of Agricultural Science (NIIAS) in Belfast on Friday, to mark 55 years since the organisation was established.

NIIAS is a professional organisation for people employed in the agricultural industry in NI. Its 270 members are agriculture or food science graduates that are working in the public and private sector in NI.

Current chair Declan McDevitt presented 18 of the organisation’s foundation members with a certificate and copy of the first NIIAS members’ journal at a reception in Parliament Buildings, Stormont.

NIIAS was founded in 1963 and the organisation's original journal was reproduced for the foundation members at the event on Friday.

NIIAS was established in 1963 and the institute had 172 members at the time of its establishment. There are 29 foundation members receiving certificates and members’ journals in total. These are:

  • Mr D Alexander
  • Dr M Brown
  • Dr M Chestnutt
  • Mr J Kerr
  • Mr H Kirkpatrick
  • Mr D McCormick
  • Mr L Morrell
  • Dr J Patterson
  • Mr G Shannon
  • Mr S Morrow
  • Mr W Martin
  • Mr H Holmes
  • Mr E Currie
  • Mr A Ellis
  • Mr W Parker
  • Mr V Smyth
  • Dr R Stevenson
  • Prof J Todd
  • Mr D Wright
  • Mr A Stewart
  • Mr J Jack
  • Mr R Jamison
  • Mr S Smith
  • Mr M Dunlop
  • Mr T Dick
  • Mr J Kormos
  • Mr I McDonald
  • Mr M Greeg
  • Mr S McEwan
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