The live fertiliser spreader demonstration area will form the centrepiece of the Crops & Spreaders event.

Similar to previous demonstrations, we will have a number of machines operating in a demo area and both the Irish Farmers Journal and Teagasc will be providing commentary.

This year, the focus is on accurate and even fertiliser spreading. We have five of the top fertiliser spreader brands taking part in the demo – Vicon, Bogballe, Amazone, Sulky and Rauch.

The demo will comprise two parts. First, a conversation will take place around each fertiliser spreader.

The spreaders will be placed on a flatbed trailer for the crowd to see.

The key specs of each spreader will be discussed as well as many other factors involved in good fertiliser spreading. These include calibration, setting bout width, fertiliser quality, technology and much more.

The second part of the demo comprises the live demonstration of GPS section control. Each fertiliser spreader will drive along a tramline into a pointed headland.

The spreaders will be simulating spreading, demonstrating how their GPS section control handles the short point as it approaches the headland. Attendees will see everything happening in the cab during the demonstration on a big screen. A team member will be in the cab providing live video and commentary.

The demonstrations kick off at 12pm and run again at 2pm and 4pm. This article outlines the models of spreaders taking part and the key specs of each. Experts from each spreader manufacturer/dealer will be available at their stands throughout the day for attendees to learn more about the spreaders.

Rauch Axis-M 30.2 EMC

Rauch’s Axis-M 30.2 EMC twin-disc spreader with dynamic section control will take part in the demonstration. The Axis-M uses the EMC (electronic massflow control) automatic metering system to measure and control the fertiliser flow separately for the left and right slide. This helps to increase the metering and distribution precision on both sides.

The Rauch Axis-M 30.2 EMC will be taking part in the demo.

The fertiliser flow rate is measured every two seconds is self-calibrating. If the spreader sends a signal back to the control box that the flow rate has changed, it can open or close the shutter, as required, to ensure the correct torque to keep the flow rate the same.

In combination with a GFX 750 Trimble GPS receiver, the Axis-M 30.2 in this year’s demonstration is equipped with full dynamic section control.

Each section is capable of shutting down fully from left to right, and is capable of spreading from outside in.

The Rauch fertiliser chart app allows users to access Rauch fertiliser resources. The Axis-M 30.2 EMC is available for around €20,000 plus VAT.

Bogballe M45W

Bogballe’s M45W M-line plus spreader will be in the demo. The 4,500kg-capacity spreader is full spec and is operated through a Fendt 828 Isobus terminal using VarioGuide GPS.

All Bogballe machines operate with inward-turning discs, giving a fully symmetrical spread pattern.

Bogballe will have its M45W M-line plus model on show.

The asymmetrically opening metering slides ensure the optimal application point, regardless of the spread rate and driving speed.

The spreader is capable of working at widths from 10m to 42m. Its GPS dynamic section control automatically closes the spreader’s shutters in areas where fertiliser has already been applied, such as points and headlands.

Eight main sections are displayed on the terminal, with each containing five subsections. Section closure takes place in sliding movements to ensure uniform overlap of fertiliser on headlands and in points.

Spread charts are available online and through the Bogballe app.

The price of the spreader varies but the full-spec machine which is taking part in the demonstration is guided at around €30,000 plus VAT.


The Ro-EDW GEOSPREAD is Vicon’s answer to GPS-controlled intelligent spreading. Hopper sizes range from 1,500kg to 3,900kg, with spreading widths ranging from 10m to 54m, which can be changed from the operator’s seat. Fertiliser exits the hopper via a central release point on to its discs fitted with eight vanes.

Vicon Ro-EDW Geospread is taking part in this year's demo.

Vicon claims this adjustable discharge point and large disc design allows for extreme accuracy outputting from 10kg to 320kg/min, with the further option of up to 540kg/min if required in a double overlap spread pattern.

The GEOSPREAD system offers individual section control with sections of just 1m seeing a maximum of 24 sections, made possible by altering the fertiliser drop point on to its discs along with application rate via electric shutters.

Precision weighing is made possible via the four 5t load cells and reference sensor which play a pivotal role in accurate section control according to Vicon.

The GEOSPREAD system sees automatic calibrating and continuous weighing, auto correction on slopes and from shocks on rough terrain, auto speed-related dosing system, all of which remove the need for a calibration test. It is priced at €32,107 plus VAT.

Sulky X40+ Econov Isobus

The Sulky X40+ Econov will be Farmec’s spreader of choice for demo. This spreader sees a 3,200kg hopper capacity with spreading widths of 18m to 44m possible. Spreading rates range between 3kg and 1,200kg/ha, having a maximum flow of 520kg/min controlled via electric shutters.

The Sulky X40+ Econov Isobus spreader will be taking part in the demo.

Two large carbide-coated vanes allow two distinct flows of granules per vane, maintain the correct spreading pattern whatever the application rate may be, ensuring a full overlap each time.

Working width is adjusted at the rear of the spreaders via slide adjuster which in turn adjusts the fertiliser drop point on the vanes.

Sulky’s Econov section control system manages 12 sections by adjusting the drop point on each disc in turn with the application shutter without using hydraulic-driven discs. All weighing and calibration functions are carried out automatically, while spreading rate is proportional to forward speed.

The Tribord headland control kit sees an electric actuator adjust drop point in order to supply the Tribord 3D vane on the border side disc, while the type of border spreading is selected from the cab. The machine on demo is priced at €27,000 plus VAT.

Amazone’s ZA-V Profis Hydro

Farmhand is set to demo Amazone’s ZA-V Profis Hydro, meaning hydraulic drive. The range has hopper capacities from 1,700kg to 4,200kg, with a spreading capacity of 390kg/min and working widths ranging between 10m and 36m. The two discs see two carbide-coated vanes. Amazone’s soft ballistic spreading system with discs spinning at a speed of 720rpm ensures damage-free granules, while the long spreading vanes broadcast that extra distance, achieving its stable triangular spread pattern.

The Amazone ZA-V Profis Hydro will be on show.

Working width range is preselected via one of the three spreading disc pairs, while precise working width is then selected by adjusting spreading vane position via scale.

Set application rate dictates delivery point of fertiliser on to the disc to achieve an optimum spread pattern.

Manual mode sees nine-part section control with the option of 16-part widths when using automatic mode via GPS switch. Two weighs cells and two tilt sensors ensure precise weight monitoring regardless of terrain via the Amaspread+ control terminal. Both border and normal spreading can be easily selected from the operator’s seat via terminal.

Price is guided around €28,000 plus VAT.

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