The issue of fixed milk price schemes dominated Glanba co-op’s inaugural AGM since it bought out the Irish business from a joint venture with Glanbia plc. Some farmers with high proportions of their milk fixed spoke emotionally of the difficulties they are facing.

IFA dairy chair Stephen Arthur said the Glanbia board and management must bear some of the responsibility for allowing farmers to become so exposed. Acknowledging the “gallant effort” made so far to alleviate difficulties, he said that the 38c/l fixed price for 2023 is “outdated” and that Glanbia must reach toward what other co-ops have done. North Cork’s 2023 fixed milk price is 42c/l, Kerry’s is 45c/l.

Glanbia Co-op CEO Jim Bergin said milk supply will be down 2.2%, (60m litres) in 2022.