Irish expats often talk about what they miss most from home and food tends to be high on the list.

There's a large and growing Irish community in the UAE, so it's no surprise that there's a range of Irish food on shelves.

Irish Country Living visited Spinneys supermarket in Dubai this week as part of the trade mission to the Gulf region led by Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue.

Spinneys is billed as a premium retailer and here's what's Irish on shelves.

Kerrygold butter

Kerrygold butter costs 10AED for 200g [€2.41]. Blocks of butter are kept in the freezer in the UAE. This was to prevent the butter melting on the drive home years ago when cars did not have air conditioning.

Kerrygold cheese

The price of Kerrygold cheese ranges from 13AED [€3.13] to 18.75AED [€4.51].

The price of Kerrygold cheese ranges from 13AED [€3.13] to 18.75AED [€4.51].

Nest Box eggs

Spinneys own brand free-range eggs are supplied by Nest Box in Co Monaghan. Ten eggs costs 18.25AED [€4.39] and six eggs costs €12AED [€2.89].

Oliver Carty's bacon

Spinneys own brand bacon is supplied by Oliver Carty and costs 38AED [€9.14].

Flahavan's oats

Organic Flahavan's porridge oats cost 24.75AED [€5.95].

Barry's Tea

Barry's Tea gold blend costs 34.25AED [€8.24].

Clonakilty sausages

Clonakilty sausages cost 37AED [€8.90].

Keogh's crisps

Keogh's crisps and popcorn.


A stand in Spinneys displaying Irish food.

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