Glanbia is set to make some adjustments to its peak milk supply scheme.

At a meeting of Glanbia’s advisory council on the morning of Wednesday 20 April, chief agribusiness growth officer Seán Molloy told farmers that the board would be looking at ways of reducing the impact of the scheme on farmers when it met later again on Wednesday.

The possibility for flexibility arises because milk supply is down year-on-year for 2022 so far.

Glanbia’s March supplies were back 3% on 2021. With fertiliser prices at record highs, supply volumes are not expected to catch up with last year.

While construction on Glanbia’s joint venture cheese plant is now finally underway after the planning objection brought by An Taisce was quashed, that is not a factor in the short-term. Glanbia’s processing capacity will be slightly higher than it was in 2021 due to investments.

However it is the change in supply patterns, the first drop in spring supplies since the ending of quotas in 2015, that is creating the space for Glanbia to introduce some flexibilities in its supply scheme.

The details of exactly what changes are being implemented are expected to be announced shortly after the board approves them.