Comment: Both retail and processing markets remain buoyant this week.

Again, there are reports that yields are average at best and there is a lot of variation even within fields.

Ground conditions remain quite good for harvesting of main-season crop, reduced light levels are slowing desiccation and pushing out harvesting times.

Harvesting of Kerr Pinks continues, as stocks of Queens are tightening further. However, quality is excellent to date. The price of peeling material is reported this week in the region of €250/t to €270/t.

Across Europe, the issues of transport, input costs and availability and labour are to the fore. Processors are warning their suppliers that labour shortages and difficulties with transport are reducing the throughput of some factories.

Some contracted crops have been slow to clear and will have to be put into store this year. Information so far suggests that yields are close to average, with a wide variation, but that there are question marks over quality.