Corrin Mart in Fermoy hosted a dairy clearance sale last Friday comprising of 90 lots of mostly fresh-calved cows.

Following the trend, trade was very strong throughout with prices reaching up to €2,500.

Although not milk recording, the herd average came in at over 6,000 litres of 3.62% protein and 4.35% fat.

Mart manager Sean Leahy said: “The herd wasn’t milk recorded, but the appearance and physicality of the stock was very impressive.

“Clearance sales are scarce, so demand was high, with very strong local demand. We saw a large number of buyers, as no one left with more than seven lots.”

The younger cow already calved that can make money back that evening were in the highest demand, with prices ranging from €1,600 up.

Top price

Taking the top price at the sale was a four-year-old third-calver with an EBI of €119.

Sired by a stock bull, this 66% Holstein cow was knocked down at €2,500.

The €2,440 price tag was hit on two occasions. First at the money was a freshly calved two-year-old heifer with an EBI of €162. Made up of 84% Holstein, this well-grown heifer is a daughter of Nextgen Leroy.

Matching that price was a four-year-old cow with an EBI of €159. Sired by Deansgrove Argent, dam of this cow recorded over 9,000 litres in her fourth lactation.

A further eight lots in the sale made €2,000 or more. Older, later-calving cows were generally at the lower end of the prices, selling for €1,100 to €1,400.

Four maiden yearling heifers sold with prices starting at €820, selling to a high of €960.

This Friday 12 March Fermoy is also hosting an elite sale of 100 outstanding freshly calved heifers.

In pictures

This February 2017-born cow with an EBI of €159 and calved since early February sold for €2,440.

This February 2019-born heifer calved one week sold for €2,440.

This freshly-calved pedigree heifer, born February 2018 and with an EBI of €128, sold for €1,900.

This May 2017-born cow with an EBI of €118 and calved two weeks sold for €2,200.

This March 2017-born cow, with an EBI of €111, calved late last month and sold for €2,100.

This March 2017-born cow, with an EBI of €122, calved 12 February and sold for €2,280.

This March 2017-born cow with an EBI of €118 and calved four weeks sold for €2,020.

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