The board of Kerry Co-op has recommended that shareholders receive interest of €3.80/share at the co-op AGM later this month.

This is part of ordinary business at the scheduled upcoming Kerry Co-op virtual annual general meeting (AGM) at 2pm on 22 June.

If approved, the share interest payment will be paid on 2 July 2021.

Last year at the AGM, chair Mundy Hayes had flagged that €3.80/share, up from €3.55/share in 2019, would be proposed.

The annual report to the end of December 2019 shows the society received dividend income amounting to €17.3m from its shareholding in Kerry Group plc during the year ended 31 December 2019.

The 2020 annual report is not available yet.

Members must register before 15 June if they wish to watch proceedings.

The ordinary business of the day will be to adopt the chair’s financial statements and the auditors’ report.

The proposal is to reappoint Deloitte as auditors.

This year, Kerry Co-op is not restricting C shareholders from attending the AGM, which it had done previously.

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