The second Irish Farmers Journal Junior paper is free inside this week’s Irish Farmers Journal.

Written by young farmers for young farmers, Irish Farmers Journal Junior has everything from educational pieces to fun quizzes!

Young farmers from across the country tell us about their summer holidays baling, milking cows and driving tractors. Learn about how to test an electric fence (and how not to). We explain everything you need to know about crops, from cover crops that take in carbon dioxide and provide a habitat for wildlife to what food and feed crops we grow in Ireland, when to plant them and when to harvest them.

Don’t miss your Letters to the Editor and Farmer Writes pages where we keep up to date with what our junior farmers are doing across the country! From sport to cooking to tractor safety, there is something for every young person with an interest in where their food comes from.

On sale this Thursday 16 September 2021.

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