Kids in the Kitchen: Nora's gorseflower cheesecake
We're letting the kids in the kitchen during lockdown - and we're liking the results!

We are so pleased to welcome back our chef in the west, four-year-old Nora Ralph! She delighted us all with her buttermilk fried chicken and we are similarly enchanted with this recipe - gorseflower cheesecake.

Nora forages for gorse flowers with her dad Barry, who is a chef and owns the House of Plates restaurant in Castlebar. You can follow her food journey on Instagram - @nora_on_food.

Her last post received lots of media attention stretching as far as the United States and has nearly 300,000 views. Way to go, Nora!

If you have a budding chef like Nora in your house and you would like to share what they're cooking while they're home, we'd love to hear about it. Send your videos to or Whatsapp to 089-249 9922.

Nora's gorseflower cheesecake


250g digestive biscuits

30g melted butter

150g gorseflower petals

1 sachet lemon jelly

60g sugar

200g cream cheese

250ml cream

A drop of yellow food colouring


50g chopped almond

50g desicated coconut

Gorse petals





  • 1 Crush the biscuits and mix with the melted butter. Press the mixture into a spring-form cake pan and chill to firm it up.
  • 2 Make the gorse syrup: in a pot, combine the gorseflower, sugar, lemon jelly and 60ml water. Bring to a boil and leave to sit for a while for all the flavours to fuse. When ready, strain the mixture so the petals don't go into the cake.
  • 3 Make the cheesecake: in a stand mixer, add the cream, cream cheese, yellow food colouring and cooled gorse petal syrup mixture. Mix well with the whisk attachment until everything is light, fluffy and well combined.
  • 4 Pour the mixture on top of the chilled crumb base. Place in the fridge to set for at least four hours.
  • 5 When ready to serve, garnish with toasted coconut and almonds, honeycomb, a drizzle of honey and gorseflower petals.