An illegal slaughterhouse in Co Louth has been closed by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI).

Four sheep of “unknown origin and unknown health status” were found on the premises during an inspection.

The FSAI named the owner of the slaughterhouse as Barry McConnon, Corcreaghy, Carrickmacross, Co Louth, who was using a building behind his dwelling house as a cutting plant and animal sheds as a slaughter house.

Inspectors found that multiple hygiene standards had been breached, including a lack of running hot or cold water for hand washing or disinfecting, and a very poor standard of hygiene.

“There was a very poor standard of cleaning and sanitation throughout the premises,” the FSAI stated.

“In particular, a wood chopping board engrained with dirt and food debris, a band saw and meat slicer also found in a filthy condition, engrained with dirt and food debris.”

The closure order concluded that the overall hygiene status of the slaughterhouse posed significant serious risk and immediate danger to public health.

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