Blessington Mart in Co Wicklow held its annual show and sale of Cheviot sheep on Tuesday and recorded a flying trade.

Prices for Cheviot hoggets ranged from €210 to €385 and John Doyle from the mart reported that the price of €385 was not just a flash in the pan, with significant numbers of hoggets exceeding the €300 per head mark.

The strong trade for Cheviot hoggets also lifted the trade for aged ewes and ewe lambs.

Three- and four-year-old ewes sold from €150 to a high of €250 per head, while ewe lambs ranged in price from €120 to €260.

Meanwhile, the trade for Suffolk Cheviot hoggets was solid, with prices ranging from €180 to €280, while Suffolk-cross ewe lambs sold from €120 to €180.

Tullow mules

Meanwhile, the South East Mule Breeders Group held its annual show and sale on Saturday in Tullow Mart.

Manager Eric Drive reported on what he described as a good honest trade, with top-quality ewe hoggets selling from €180 to €230 and some lighter lots back to €160 per head.

Ewe lambs ranged in the main from €120 to €150, with a selection exceeding this range.