The Kverneland Group Ireland demonstrated its U-drill, which is a trailed seed drill combination available in working widths of three, four and six metres folding.

With a modular design, Kverneland says the U-drill is designed to complete five tasks in one pass. Carrying out seedbed preparation, levelling, reconsolidation, seeding and pressing in a single pass, the firm brought its flagship 6m machine. Kverneland says the design has been focused on high-speed operation (10-18km/h).

At the front, the hydraulically controlled 800mm diameter tyre packer is designed to crush large clods. Behind, sits a hydraulically controlled disc harrow with two rows of conical discs. For accurate depth control of the coulters, the loosened soil is then re-compacted by a large tyre packer.

For sowing, the machine is equipped with double disc coulters. A trailing harrow covers the seeds to complete the process. The U-drill is available either as a standard drill (U-drill) or as a grain and fertiliser version (U-drill plus). It comes with hopper capacities from 3,000l to 4,350l. It is able to apply fertiliser rates up to 400kg/ha.

The drill is fully IsoBus-compatible, while the seeding depth and the coulter pressure can be controlled from the cab. List prices start at €130,000 plus VAT.