UK manufacturer Weaving showcased its new Lynx min-till tine drill at Lamma last week.

The Lynx tine drill is effectively a lighter, more compact alternative to the Sabre, therefore requiring less horsepower. In 6m configurations, the Lynx weighs 1,400kg less than the Sabre.

According to Weaving, the additional weight of the Sabre is better suited to direct drill practises.

The Lynx continues to use a high-trash clearance setup, which sees four-rows of boron steel tines and coulters, each fitted with 130mm tungsten tips. But, instead of rubber dampers, each tine features a spring-type, auto-reset system.

Once seed is placed, it is covered via a staggered two row following harrow.

There are four depth wheels, located within each wing, which achieve a consistent sowing depth. Depth can be changed by adding or removing spacers.

The wing pivots allow a certain degree of contour following. Weaving continues to use an RDS controlled electric metering system and 2,000l plastic seed hopper.

The Lynx is currently available in 4.8m (4800M) and 6m (6000M) working widths. Pricing starts from €46,470 plus VAT.