Bobcat used the Intermat show in Paris, France, to debut its all-new TL25.60e electric concept telehandler model. The TL25.60e has a maximum lifting height of 6m and maximum lift capacity of 2,500kg, matching the performance of its diesel counterpart.

The new offering is fitted with a 30kWh liquid cooled battery. A 39kW drive motor powers the loader’s hydrostatic transmission, which offers a maximum speed of 25km/h. As part of the concept model, Bobcat has integrated what it describes as ergonomics and digitalisation in the form of a transparent OLED (T-OLED) screen, developed in collaboration with LG and BSI Research.

The idea of such is to provide customisable, interactive features without compromising cab comfort and space.

It also has the capacity to facilitate a range of more advanced applications, such as real-time virtual reality (VR) simulations for utility line mapping. We will keep you posted as development progresses.