Farmhand - the Irish importer of Krone, Amazone, Quicke loaders, Zuidberg front linkage kits and, more recently, the Flexxaire retrofit reversible fans - has just announced that it is offering €500 off all Flexxaire fan kits when purchased with a Zuidberg front PTO kit for any tractor make and model.

The offer runs up until 31 March 2024.

Flexxaire is a Canadian manufacturer which offers fan systems for airflow control on diesel engines, to keep radiators clean and engines cool.

Manufacturers worldwide such as Fendt, Cat, JCB and Komatsu use such systems.

Once retrofitted, the operator can signal the fan to blow outwards manually or have it set to engage at timed intervals.

The cooling fan system can read the engine temperature from the ECU and knows when and just how much to adjust the blade pitch at any fan speed to keep the machine cool.