Farmhand once again has made a special effort to stand out from the crowd at this year’s Ploughing Championships.

Aside from a selection of machines from its range of franchises, two unique machines are set to dominate the stand.

Following on from displaying a Krone Big M 450 3.5m in the air at the 2019 event, Farmhand, this time around will present an in house built self-propelled fertiliser spreader, dubbed the AmaTruck.

The one of a kind self-propelled high-speed fertiliser truck is a bespoke build combining the Amazone ZG-TS 10t spreader and 330hp Mercedes Acros 6x6 truck.

Krone continues to hold the title of the world’s highest horsepower forager, with the wide-body machine sourcing a massive power output of 1,156hp from a 24l Liebherr V12 engine.

Designed by Farmhand demonstrator, Declan Smyth, he said: “We modified the truck to mount the Amazone ZG-TS 10-ton spreader, which included changing out the standard wheels to 600/50/22.5 on the rear for low ground pressure and 445/65/22.5 on the front for extra traction.

"As the spreader is a hydro drive, new hydraulics were fitted, along with new wiring looms to power the state-of-the-art Amazone spreading technology. It’s been an exciting project from start to finish.”

While sure to catch attention at the event, it is Farmhand’s intention to carry out a demo tour with the truck and spreader next spring.

Big X 1180

Farmhand will also present the world’s largest forage harvester, the Krone Big X 1180 at the event. The wide-body machine sources its massive power output of 1,156hp from a 24l Liebherr V12 engine.

The machine which will be displayed belongs to customers, Hillcrest Farms and sports a custom black paint job.

Other machines on display will include the Amazone ZA-V mounted GPS section control spreader, Krone rear mounted mowers, front linkages and PTO systems from Zuidberg, Quicke Q-Series front loaders and the latest addition to its range of brands, the Flexxaire range of reversible fan solutions.