There was certainly no shortage of horsepower on display at this year’s FTMTA Farm Machinery Show, which took place on the grounds of Punchestown Event Centre last week.

Showgoers were spoiled for choice, with tractors on show from the majority of leading tractor manufacturers such as Fendt, John Deere, Valtra, New Holland, Case IH, Claas, McCormick, New Holland, Landini, Kubota and JCB.

The only notable tractor brands not present at the show were Massey Ferguson and Same Deutz Fahr.

Fendt 728 Vario

Fendt 728.

Last year, Fendt revamped its popular 700 series tractor range, adding two new models (726 and 728 Vario) in addition to a host of other updates. One of the new flagship 728 Varios made an appearance at the show.

The new 728 sees the 700 series break the 300hp barrier for the first time. The revamp from the German manufacturer comes in response to market demand for a higher power-to-weight ratio offering in a compact frame.

The new generation sees Fendt move away from the existing Deutz engines to a new 7.5l AGCO Power engine.

On the road, it reaches a top speed of 60km/h at 1,450rpm, 50km/h at 1,200rpm and 40km/h at just 950rpm.

Meanwhile, the 728 Vario achieves maximum torque of 1,450Nm at 1,300rpm. The 728 Vario offers a power to weight ratio of 30.5kg/hp.

The 700 series now also benefits from Fendt's ‘VarioDrive’, which stands for stepless, dynamic driving at any speed from 0.02km/h to 60km/h.

The VarioDrive powertrain could be described as the next step in progression from a Vario transmission. With this concept, the front and rear axles are driven separately, with the torque distributed dynamically, depending on where the power is needed.

JCB Fastrac 4220 Icon

JCB Fastrac 4220 Icon.

ECI showcased the new JCB Fastrac iCON. This came as part of an overhaul which saw JCB completely revitalise the cab and introduce a fresh new look, which consists of a new armrest console and new touchscreen display, featuring total flexibility for control allocation, alongside a new transmission control strategy.

The tractor is available with fully-integrated IsoBus and JCB’s own GPS guidance.

The ‘iCON’ comes standard on all five Fastrac models, from the 175hp entry-level 4000 series to the 348hp 8330.

The 4220 on display is powered by a 6.6l AGCO Power engine, with a max power output of 235hp.

The new console houses a new main joystick, assignable colour-coded levers, which act as electrically-operated spool valves, PTO and hitch controls, an auxiliary joystick and hard keys, plus an encoder dial as an alternative to using the touchscreen.

JCB is continuing to use the proven AGCO-sourced (Fendt) vario transmission, with new improvements.

It now features a new speed-based system that allows operators to set the required forward speed and leave the tractor to do the work of balancing engine speed and gear ratio.

John Deere 6R Series

John Deere 6R 185.

John Deere’s most recent revamp of its 6R series saw the manufacturer add four new models to its lineup.

With a tweak to its design - notable in the bonnet and mirrors - the name and numbering system was adopted from the larger 7R, 8R and 9R series models. The 6R range name is now followed by a separate indication of the rated engine horsepower.

The new additions included two new four-cylinder models and two new six-cylinder models.

A 6R 150 (four-cylinder) and 6R 185 (six-cylinder) were both on display at the show. These have power outputs of 165hp (177hp with IPM) and 204hp (234hp with IPM) respectively.

The new 6R 185 shares the same chassis (2,765mm) as Deere’s 6155R, while bringing about a sizeable increase in power. Deere initially said it had been designed as a specialist compact transport tractor for users who spend a lot of time on the road.

There are also more transmission options available in the new range.

Alongside AutoQuad Plus and the AutoPowr infinitely variable transmission, users can now choose the CommandQuad option for four-cylinder models. Meanwhile, the renowned PowerQuad option has been struck off the 6R options list.

Valtra Q Series

Valtra showcased its new Q Series which spans from 230hp to 305hp.

Valtra showcased its new Q Series, which spans from 230hp to 305hp. The new Q series plugs the gap between the flagship T255 (235hp) and the entry level S274 (300hp).

The new series sees Valtra complete its fifth-generation range of tractors, which saw the manufacturer overhaul its entire offering in the past two years. Valtra says that its new Q series is designed, engineered and manufactured in Finland.

The Q range is powered by a 7.4-litre AGCO Power engine and married to an AGCO CVT transmission.

Valtra says the engine features the biggest displacement in the market for this size of tractor.

Maximum power is available at 1,850rpm, while Valtra says that maximum torque stays consistent in the range of 1,000 to 1,500rpm.

Valtra's EcoPower principle has been applied to the entire Q series range, with the aim of reducing fuel consumption. As a result, maximum driving speed is achieved at 1,500rpm.

The Q series weighs in at 9.2t, while its maximum gross weight comes in at 16t, offering a high payload for transportation.

The Q series is compact, has a low total height (3,337mm) and a long wheelbase (3,050mm), while offering a low centre of gravity.

The range comes as standard with Valtra's SmartTouch, while technology such as Valtra Guide, ISOBUS, Connect, Section Control and TaskDoc etc are available as add-ons.

Case IH Puma 260

This year’s FTMTA show marked the first Irish outing for the new flagship long-wheelbase Puma 260 CVXDrive model.

This year’s FTMTA show marked the first Irish outing for the new flagship long-wheelbase Puma 260 CVXDrive model.

The new model sits as the new flagship LWB Puma model, overlapping with the Optum series in terms of horsepower, but not in terms of weight.

Power comes from the familiar FPT six-cylinder engine rated at 260hp, with a maximum unboosted output of 280hp. With engine power management, this figure climbs to 302hp for PTO, hydraulic and transport applications.

While wheelbase dimensions remain the same, both front and rear axles have been upgraded with the capacity to configure larger tyre options up to 2.05m (R42) on the rear, increasing the footprint by up to 18%.

The AFS Pro 1200 touchscreen monitor and new MultiController armrest is home to the new Advanced Farming System (AFS) Connect, while cab space has also been increased. A new key fob provides keyless operation in conjunction with the engine start-stop button.

The cab is now mounted on semi-active hydro-pneumatic suspension to provide a more comfortable environment.

The optional Advanced Vehicle Suspension (AVS) system integrates the semi-active cab suspension, rear hitch and front axle suspension to react proactively to changing surfaces for an even smoother ride. The fuel tank has also been made 15% larger at 460l.

Claas Axion 830

The 235hp Claas Axion 830.

Claas put on a impressive display at the show, with a range of machines and wide array of tractors.

The German manufacturer has been making solid inroads into the tractor business, particularly over the course of the past decade.

Its flagship showing in Punchestown was an Axion 830, a 235hp FPT-powered tractor equipped with a CMATIC continuously variable transmission.

New Holland T7.300

New Holland T7.300.

Marking its Irish show debut was the New Holland T7.300, which now expands and overlaps the existing T7 LWB models and the T7 HD range.

Previously, the T7 LWB range finished up at 270hp (max) before entering the 2t to 2.5t heavier T7 HD range. The T7.300 maintains the same wheelbase and dimensions of current LWB models, which is one of the few similarities.

A heavier 4.5t front axle has been fitted, while the rear axle is now compatible with larger 42in tyres.

The additional power is gained from the FPT engine by means of a variable geometry turbo providing more torque at lower engine rpm, delivering a rated 260hp and maximum 300hp.

More notably, it features the new Horizon Ultra cab seen on the HD line, with the addition of semi-active cab suspension and other minor tweaks.