After a lengthy four-year test period in challenging Irish conditions, New Holland presented its new UltraFeed grass pick-up for its FR forage harvester range at Agritechnica last month.

Although overshadowed by some of the larger product launches - namely the CR11 combine and T7.270 methane Power tractor - the new UltraFeed pick-up has been completely revised from the ground up, with little similarities to the current 300FP (3m) and 380FP (3.8m) models.

Jumping straight in, the new UltraFeed model is fitted with a new heavy duty belt-driven driveline and spring tensioner system designed to smoothen out torque load spikes.

Where the slip-clutch had arguably been the previous pickup's limiting factor on FR650 models and above, this new pickup instead uses a 400-bar pressure relief valve.

The new belt drive system also claims reduced maintenance needs, which can be further reduced with the optional auto greaser.


The reel's cam-track has been updated and now features a fifth tine bar, but remains hydraulically driven.

The drive motor is still centrally positioned, but more compact than before and capable of providing reel speed increases of 25%, when needed.

The central drive configuration has allowed New Holland to stagger the positioning of the tine bars on either side of the drive motor, which is said to greatly improve the evenness of crop flow.

The UltraFeed is equipped with nylon pickup bands and 6mm tines, with an additional coil for strength and durability. The process of replacing pickup tines is also said to be much more straightforward than before.

More noticeably, a larger single pre-compression roller replaces the previous double roller setup and is now positioned lower for a more even crop feed in all conditions.

The new belt drive system is said to reduce maintenance and better handle spikes in torque loads.

Although the new setup closes off the front of the pickup more, it does in fact open up to 160cm for ease of access for maintenance or relieving tricky blockages.


When it comes to reversing the new pick-up to expel blockages, the reel now turns back half a revolution to help remove the crop.

In the event that the header needs human intervention, an emergency kill switch has been fitted at the front to kill all drive-related hydraulics from ground level.

A new see-through mesh provides a more clear view of the pickup from the operator seat, while LED lights within the pickup improves auger and feed roller visibility when day turns to night.

The auger is also larger in diameter and features wear plates, so too does the back of the header as standard. Auger speed can be varied independent of feed roller speed.

Larger castor wheels have also been fitted and feature scrapers. The UltraFeed is available in 3m, 3.5m and 4m working widths, depending on the market.

New livery for all FR models

New Holland also revealed an updated livery for its 2024 FR series. Machines with the new ‘Inspired by Nature’ signature styling also include technology updates.

The livery on all FR models has been updated for 2024.

These include the VariBlade variable pitch/reversible engine fan, updated DuraCracker crop processors, coated for extended wear, and IntelliField inter-vehicle data-sharing, plus an updated NutriSense NIR forage nutrient sensing system.