FTMTA Grass & Muck has come and gone. The site in Gurteen has been cleared and almost all of the machines have either continued on the summer demo tour, returned to their respective distributors or have been sold to farmers or contractors.

We caught up with one of the larger machines from the event in its new home in Cork. It and a smaller Forage Cruiser 650 were the just some of highlights of both the New Holland stand and the entire demonstration day. The New Holland 920 Forage Cruiser is powered by a 911hp V20 FPT Industrial engine which delivers between 1,600-1,800rpm. Max engine torque is 4,095Nm and it boasts a 44% torque rise at 2,100-1,600rpm.

Four-wheel drive helps it in wet conditions and the engine is mounted lengthways in the rear of the machine. To ease the flow of material through the machine, the crop channel has been widened by 12.5%. A new heavy duty drive system increase torque transferred to the wheels by 60%.

Four-wheel drive is engaged and disengaged automatically at the headland depending on steering angle of the rear wheels.