Lovol tractors break Irish soil

Chinese tractor brand, Lovol tractors, officially launched in Ireland at this year’s event. The brand, which aims to offer customers bang for their buck, presented six models, ranging from 25hp to 130hp.

However, Lovol produces tractors from 25-240hp. Two of the larger models on display, appealing to livestock farmers, were the 104hp M1104 and 130hp P5130.

Although new to Irish shores, the brand, which was first established in 1998, is part of the Shandong Heavy Industry Group, which claims to have over 3,000 dealers globally, spread throughout 120 countries.

The 110hp M1104 is fitted with a four-cylinder Doosan Stage V engine and 18Fx18R shuttle transmission (optional power shuttle), with a creeper box. It has a lift capacity of 3,480kg and has been fitted with a Hand Engineereing rear pickup hitch, to suit the Irish market. Standard tyres are 520/70 R34 and 380/70 R24. Other features include a Grammer seat, three double acting spools, dual speed PTO, air brakes, LED lights and air conditioning.

All models are offered with two-year warranty. Meanwhile, the P5130 model is also fitted with a stage V, four-cylinder Doosan engine and 45Fx15R three-range, semi-power shift transmission.

The M1104 is priced at €56,995, plus VAT, while the larger P5130 is priced at €68,995, plus VAT.

Bobcat TL25.60 Agri compact telehandler

The Bobcat TL25.60 Agri compact telehandler was just one of a number of new machines displayed on the Adare Machinery stand.

The TL25.60 Agri model is the smallest within the eight model R series line up.

Front and centre on the Irish Bobcat importer’s stand was the TL25.60 Agri compact telehandler, launched onto the market earlier in the year. It serves as the entry model within the eight-model R series line up, offering rated lift capacities up to 4,300kg and lift heights up to 7.5m.

Under the bonnet is a four-cylinder, 2.39l Bobcat diesel engine, which churns out a maximum 75hp, coupled with a 30km/h hydrostatic, two-speed transmission. A gear pump with an 80l/min capacity takes care of all auxiliary hydraulic functions. It has a rated operating capacity of 2,500kg and maximum lift height of 5.9m, reaching 3.3m at full extension. Alongside sharing the same spacious cab as its larger siblings, it features boom cushioning, a 5in display, and an air seat and hand throttle as standard, while three specification levels can be chosen from. In terms of dimensions, it measures 1.84m wide and 1.93m high, with selectable two wheel, four wheel and crab steering modes. Pricing starts from €70,000 plus VAT.

The Farmline trailing shoe range now spans in working width from 7.5m to 10.5m.

SlurryKat expands Farmline trailing shoe range

SlurryKat has added wider models to its Farmline trailing shoe range. Now offering the applicator in 9m and 10.5m versions, it follows on from the launch of the 7.5m Farmline trailing shoe in 2018.

The new wider 9m and 10.5m Farmline models incorporate many features from the existing 7.5m model, including a lightweight design, but also some new upgrades.

Claiming to be the lightest trailing shoes on the market, the 7.5m model weighs in at 490kg, while the 9m and 10.5m models weigh 600kg and 636kg.

Both 9m and the 10.5m models feature inverted booms in transport position and tilting outer and central beams in working position, to allow suitable shoe clearance when navigating headlands. Spacing of the shoes on the new models is 250mm.

The new models use SlurryKat’s own ventilated macerator distributor, with a V36 head on the 9m model, and a V42 head on the 10.5m version. Other upgrades include a shear-bolt crash protection system on the boom, instead of a spring-release system, which the manufacturer says becomes troublesome when the machine ages. All models are fully galvanised and fitted with new Italian manufactured, UV-resistant flexible hoses for longevity. The 9m model is priced at €18,000 plus VAT while the 10.5m model is priced at €19,000 plus VAT.

The Zelon CFS 290 is the middle offering within the recently revised range.

Revised farmer-sized wagons from Strautmann

IAM Agricultural Machinery displayed the latest generation Zelon CFS 290 model forage wagon from Strautmann. The CFS 290 model sits as the middle offering within the revised three model range, aimed at small and medium-sized farmer customers. The line-up comprises the CFS 250, 290 and 360 models, offering 24m3, 28m3 and 35m3 load capacities.

Models are now 10cm wider and are equipped with a 1.8m pick-up, which features steel spring tines and plastic pickup bands as standard. However, the unique Flex-Load pick up with plastic tines is optionally available. The 1,500mm rotor in the latest generation machines measures 50mm wider than previous models. The Exact-Cut knife bank from the range’s larger siblings has now been passed down, offering a maximum 37 double-sided knives and 39mm theoretical chop length. A steel floor now replaces the previous wooden floor. A 500mm wide optional sensing roller behind the pick-up is offered to improve ground tracking. The unit on show was fitted with the standard 13t bogie axle, with optional passive steering and shod on 650/40 R 22.5 tyres. However, a 16t bogie axle with passive steering is available for the two larger models, accommodating tyres sizes up to 710/40 R 22.5. The CFS 290 as displayed is priced at €124,000 plus VAT.

The 7.5m and 10.5m Eco+ trailing shoe range is available with either the Multi-Cut horizontal or new Verti-Cut vertical macerators.

New trailing shoe solutions from KME

Kerry Mechanical Engineering (KME) launched three new trailing shoe models and a new Verti-Cut vertical macerator. Named the Contour+, Eco+ and Proglide+, each range has been designed for a specific customer type.

The Contour+ trailing Shoe has been designed as a lightweight solution for smaller slurry tankers and for those navigating hilly and uneven terrain, according to KME.

It features flexible lay flat hose outlets, similar to a dribble bar, but with shoes on the ends of each to split the grass canopy and distribute the slurry on the surface.

Available in 7.5m and 10m working widths, the Contour+ features break back protection. All shoes are grouped in two’s using metal plates which help provide up to 4kg of downwards pressure per outlet, according to the manufacturer.

The main difference with Eco+ models is that they use traditional springs instead of the dragging lay-flat hose found on the Contour+ model. Therefore, greater downwards force can be applied. It is also available in 7.5m and 10m working widths. Available for retrofit, Eco+ models can be optioned with either macerator types. The 10m Proglide+ is a revision of the firm’s previous flagship offering. It incorporates traditional steel springs with a unique ground contour-following system, aided by support wheels. It is now fitted as standard with the new Verti-Cut macerator.

Pricing for the Contour+ range starts at €14,250, plus VAT, while the Eco+ and Proglide+ models start at €16,500, plus VAT, and €23,000, plus VAT.

The 3000FC uses a pull-type” hydraulic floatation system.

New additions to the Malone mower range

Malone Farm Machinery launched a number of new mower models, including the Procut 245 and Procut 370 rear side-mounted plain mowers, alongside its first ever front conditioner mower, the 3000FC model.

The 3000FC, 3m front-conditioner mower complements the existing Malone range of rear side-mounted mowers, in particular the 3m 3000MC conditioner model.

It uses a “pull-type” hydraulic floatation setup which requires two single acting hydraulic spools with one float position.

The 3m Comer cutterbar is equipped with seven discs each of which is fitted with 4mm hardened quick-fit blades. Meanwhile, the 1,000rpm heavy-duty driveline has been provided by the proven supplier, Walterscheid. All grease points have been routed to a central block at the front of the mower for convenience.

Weighing in at 1,200kg, Malone has said that the minimum power requirement is 100hp. A built-in blind spot assist camera system is available as an optional feature. Pricing for the 3000FC starts at €17,000 plus VAT.

The Procut 245 and 370 add to the gearbox-driven, hydraulic flotation mid-range rear mower line up and offer cutting widths of 3.4m and 3.7m, respectively.

The main difference between the two models is cutterbar length. The smaller of the two is fitted with six discs compared to nine on the larger. The Procut 245 is priced at €9,850, plus VAT, while the Procut 370 is priced at €12,750, plus VAT.

The Amatruck is a bespoke build by Farmhand combining an Amazone ZG-TS 10001 10t demount spreader with a 330hp Mercedes Acros 6x6 truck.

One-of-a-kind self-propelled fertiliser spreader

Farmhand, the sole Irish importer of Krone, Quicke, Zuidberg and Amazone brands presented it’s one-of-a-kind, self-propelled, high-speed fertiliser truck, dubbed the Amatruck.

The bespoke in-house unit built by Farmhand marries an Amazone ZG-TS 10001 10t demount spreader with a 330hp Mercedes Acros 6x6 truck.

As the spreader is hydraulic drive, the truck’s hydraulics have been upgraded and new wiring looms fitted to work with the latest spreading technology from Amazone.

Such technology includes the ProfisPro on-line weighing system for continuous adjustment of the application rate, and the ArgusTwin spread pattern monitoring system for an optimum spread pattern.

Spread widths of up to 54m and forward speeds of up to 30km/h are within the spreader’s capabilities.

It is also fitted with an integrated border spreading system and 128 part-width section control. The truck has been shod on 600/50/22.5 rear and 445/65/22.5 front tyres for low ground pressure and extra traction.

Farmhand’s intention is to carry out a demo tour with the truck and spreader next spring.