Silage wrap is trading around €110-€118 roll (including VAT and levies), depending on the brand and location across the country. This is down slightly on this time last year when it was trading in the region of €115-€120/roll including the charges.

For 2023, the cost of the Irish Farm Film Producers Group (IFFPG) levy has increased from €4.16 up to €6.24/roll, plus VAT (13.5%), which equates to €7.08 including VAT for a standard roll of silage film.

This year’s prices follow on from a big jump noted from 2021 into 2022, when the price of a roll went up by over 30%. Two years ago, depending on the brand, silage wrap was being sold at around €88-€90/roll including VAT and the levy.

Current prices

We asked two manufacturers why film prices have stayed so high, despite resin costs falling. Both wouldn’t speak on record, but said bale plastic is produced 24/7, all year round. So, for example, manufacturers started producing wrap for this season last August/September. This means the cost per roll is based on the average production throughout the season. Manufacturers said that while polymer costs reduced since last year, energy prices have significantly increased and absorbed much of the reduction. They also mentioned the increase in levy.

The recycling levy has increased from €160/t to €240/t (excluding VAT) in 2023. For a standard roll of wrap, the levy has increased from €4.16 to €6.24 per roll, plus VAT (13.5%), or €7.08 including VAT.

In terms of the standard roll of wrap, the levy has been increased from €4.16 to €6.24 per roll plus VAT (13.5%), which equates to €7.08 including VAT.

IFFPG general manager Liam Moloney said: “The increase was necessary to stop the erosion of the scheme’s financial reserves in recent years due to achieving record recycling levels at a time of extremely high recycling costs. In the last five years alone, IFFPG grew recycling by 23% to the current level of 36,500t per annum (equivalent to plastic from 18m bales), with an 88% recycling rate being achieved.

“These record recycling rates have been occurring at a time of particularly high recycling costs caused by global factors such as the Chinese ban on plastic waste imports in 2018, COVID-19 in 2020-21 and the war in Ukraine in 2022.

These factors resulted in a 600% increase in the cost of supplying to recyclers over the last five years. It is expected that this year’s increase will ensure that the scheme has sufficient funding to recycle any volume of waste that it collects, as well as allowing for the rebuilding of its financial reserves to the required level.”

What does film cost per bale?

Taking an average figure of €115/roll, it equates to around €4.10/bale for applying normal layerage. If looking to apply an extra layer of wrap, which is quite popular, prices come in at around €6.38/bale.

In terms of the standard roll of wrap, the levy has been increased from €4.16 to €6.24 per roll plus VAT (13.5%), which equates to €7.08 including VAT.