Kerry Mechanical Engineering (KME) will use this year’s Ploughing as a platform to officially launch three new trailing shoe models and a new vertical macerator.

Aimed at three different user types, KME will unveil its Hybrid, Eco+ and its Proglide+ trailing shoe ranges.

The new Verti-Cut macerator is available in two sizes, with outlets numbers ranging from 24 to 48. A flow control system is also now available to help restrict slurry flow, which as result allows a reduction in forward speed.

Three trailing shoes

First up is the Hybrid Trailing Shoe (HTS). It has been designed as a lightweight solution for smaller slurry tankers and for those potentially navigating hilly and uneven terrain.

The KME tanker and dribble bar range will also form part of the KME stand.

Available in 7.5m and 10m working widths, it can be retrofitted to existing tankers.

The HTS features break back protection and can be fitted with either of the firm’s in-house built macerators, the Multi-Cut horizontal unit or the new Verti-Cut vertical alternative.

Eco+ models

The Eco+ models can also be retrofitted and offer the option of either macerator types. The main difference lies within its construction.

The Eco+ range is available with either the Multi-Cut or Verti-Cut Macerators.

It features the traditional type of springs, and therefore can apply greater downwards force in comparison to the Hybrid model. It is also available in 7.5m and 10m working widths.

The 10m Proglide+ model has been aimed towards the more professional user.

It incorporates a unique ground contour following system, allowing each arm to follow undulating terrain while maintaining even pressure across each of the springs at all times.

KME Trailing Shoe.

Following wheels help aid its ground-following capabilities. It is fitted as standard with the Verti-Cut macerator.

A range of slurry tankers and the firm’s static macerator system will also be presented on the stand.