Although soft launched at Cereals in the UK earlier in the year, Agritechnica was the official launch of the new T7.340 HD tractor. With a constant 340hp (no boost) and peak torque of 1,353Nm (at 1,400rpm), the T7.340 takes over from the T7.315 HD as the new flagship T7 HD model.

The T7.340 features the same 6.7l six-cylinder FPT engine as its stablemate, albeit tweaked for additional grunt.

The additional torque is said to be achieved due to an upgraded cylinder head, pistons and cooling system.

The hydrostatic unit and the software within the Auto Command (CVT) transmission have been upgraded along with the driveline, rear diff and PTO to cope with the additional power.

Lift capacity stays unchanged at 11,058kg (rear) and 6,016kg (front). Up to five rear spools are supplied by the standard 160l/min closed circuit hydraulic system, which can be upgraded to 220l/min.

As expected, the Horizon Ultra cab and SideWinder Ultra armrest, already established on other high horsepower ranges has been fitted to the T7.340 HD. It inherits some of the new technology introduced on the T7.300 with PLM Inteligence, including the integrated large square baler control feature and tractor implement management (TIM).

T7.270 Methane

Other tractor innovations from the manufacturer included the new T7.270 Methane Power CNG tractor, joining the T6.180 Methane Power as the firm’s second CNG tractor to be made commercially available.

The T7.270 CNG has been based on the T7.300 PLM tractor with the Horizon Ultra cab. Under the bonnet is the same NEF 6.7l engine as established in the T6.180 counterpart but with a twin-injection system, and variable geometry turbo.

Alongside other tweaks, it achieves a constant 270hp (no boost) and 1,160Nm peak torque. The power unit has been coupled with a CVT.

Making use of the larger T7 chassis, 1,265 litres (219kg) of gas can be stored on board.

In total, the T7.270 CNG holds 178% more fuel than the T6.180 Methane Power (455 litres/79kg).

Alongside new cab supports, the battery has also been relocated to free up space for a larger gas tank. The show tractor was presented in the New Holland Clean Blue colour.

The T7.270 Methane Power CNG tractor offers a total 1,265l (219kg) of on-board gas storage compared to (455 litres/79kg) on the T6.180 platform.