One of New Holland’s front and centre tractor innovations was its new T7.270 Methane Power CNG model, an evolution of the smaller T6.180 variant.

Interestingly, the T7.270 Methane Power is, in fact, based on the T7.300 PLM chassis and not the T7.270 diesel, given its heavier duty axles and ability to accommodate more gas storage tanks on board.

It also features the same NEF 6.7l engine block from the T6.180 Methane tractor, but with the addition of a new injection system and variable geometry turbo.

The tractor produces the full 270hp (1,160Nm) under all conditions and therefore doesn’t offer boost like all HD models. For the first time, the gas engine has been married up with the AutoCommand CVT transmission.

Naturally, New Holland has taken full advantage of the T7’s larger chassis and increased onboard gas storage (with range extender) to 1,265l (219kg). This equates to 178% more fuel compared to the T6 version.

The T7.270 Methane tractor is equipped with the PLM Intelligence platform and the new Horizon Ultra cab.

The model on display also sported the firm’s new ‘Clean Blue’ colour scheme, which will feature going forward on its alternative fuel tractors.

Units will be available for purchase during the second half of 2024.