Massey Ferguson, following on from the launch of its 8S tractors, recently unveiled its smaller 5S series for livestock and mixed farming customers. The new 105hp to 145hp series will replace the current 5700S series.

Styling is an immediately noticeable difference with the new 5S. It follows what Massey describes as the same “neo-retro” livery of its 8S counterparts by incorporating a modern take on the iconic grey sabre stripe on the bonnet and grey cab pillars dating back to the MF 100 and 300 series.

The new five-model series is powered by a four-cylinder, 4.4l AGCO Power Stage V engine coupled to either Massey’s 16x16 Dyna 4 or 24x24 Dyna 6 transmissions, both of which offer a brake to neutral function.

The 5S adopts the new 'neo-retro' livery of the new 8S models.

Service intervals

As part of the move to Stage V, service intervals have increased to 600 hours. The 5S also claims an improved airflow system to aid engine cooling.

The three familiar specification levels – Essential, Efficient and Exclusive – remain, with the latter two offering AutoDrive as standard, which is the automated changing of gears within each range.

Rear linkage lift capacity as been increased to 5,700kg across the board while the front linkage lift capacity has also been increased by 500kg to 3,000kg. Front linkage models now come as standard with two spool valves. The 5S boasts what Massey claims to be an industry-leading 4.0m turning radius from its stronger suspended front axle. The 5S can be supplied loader-ready or complete factory fitted with a front loader.

Factory-fitted loader models are fitted with a sub-frame, dedicated pipework, a new quick coupler and the associated mechanical or electronic joysticks.

Exclusive model specification includes 110l/min hydraulics, up to eight electric spools, hydraulic joystick, Multipad control, AutoDrive, cab suspension, climate control, Superluxe air seat and the Datatronic 5 Isobus-compatible touch terminal.

Efficient models offer a similar specification but have two electric and two mechanical spools at the rear, standard air con, and an air seat. The Datatronic 5 terminal is available as an option.

Essential variants instead use a shorter armrest and T-lever in place of the Multipad, with the hydraulic joystick an option. The loader joystick is positioned in front of the armrest.


AutoDrive is replaced by Speedmatching on the Dyna 4 transmission and two mechanical spools are standard with the option of four, to make use of the 58l/min hydraulic capacity. Creeper gears are an option on all three specifications.

The two higher-specifications models feature the same armrest as the new 8S tractors. The Multipad can be equipped with a micro joystick to operate two rear spools (any spool valve if Datatronic 5 is fitted). Exclusive and Efficient loader models have another joystick mounted alongside the Multipad for loader operation. Inside the cab, operators also benefit from a new and improved heating/ventilation system.

New 5S models are expected to arrive in Ireland this spring, with production of the 5700S range now ceased.