The McConnel Robocut2 RC56 and RC75 have now gone Stage V, fitted with a 56hp and 75hp Hatz diesel engine. Requirements are met by means of DPF without the need for Adblue.

Increasing durability, the twin rollover bars have been increased in size to stand proud of the body panels for added protection. There are now eight accessory mounting points. Emergency stop buttons are now more recessed within the rollover bars reducing the risk of accidental activation.

The number of body panels have also been reduced, allowing a sturdier fitment and a reduced ingress of debris. Panel thickness has been increased by 50% for added strength. Steel tanks with extended under protection also help increase durability.

From a service element improvements have also been made. The air filter, fuel filter and oil filler cap have all been relocated. The hydrostatic drive features two speed ranges, up to 3.5km/h and up to 7km/h. Track tensioning springs have also been uprated.

The remote control unit has been updated and now features offer the ability to control switches and functions of attachments directly from the remote. The unit also benefits from improved graphics, and a backlit LCD display.

Trimble GPS autosteer is now available as a plug and play option improving accuracy of the task in hand.