The Royal Ulster Agricultural Society (RUAS) Winter Fair provides a shop window for the various trade companies within agriculture to showcase their products.

Machinery, breeding, nutrition, milking equipment, housing and animal health products were well-represented within the two exhibition halls at Balmoral Park.

From the multitude of trade stands, we feature snapshots of some of the kit demonstrated at the Winter Fair.

1. Lely milk cart

Making its debut on the stand at the 2023 Winter Fair was Lely’s new milk cart. Constructed with stainless steel, the cart features a 200-litre hopper with a heating element that keeps milk at a constant temperature of 39oC.

The two-speed electric motor, powered by a rechargeable battery, makes moving the cart easy when filled.

The cart also features a programmable metered discharge unit, meaning there is always precision feeding.

2. FutureCow teat scrubber

Automated teat scrubbers offer consistent preparation for milking.

FutureCow’s hand unit strips, washes and sanitizes each quarter, then dries and stimulates milk flow before clusters are attached.

The unit can be installed in rotary and herringbone parlours, suspended from an overhead zipline that runs alongside milk lines.

2. FutureCow teat scrubber.

This allows the unit to move from cow to cow, without the operator being at risk of tripping on power leads and water pipe. The three brushes that prep the udder are rated for 10,000 milkings.

3. Ag cubicle bedding dispenser

The Ag hybrid bedding unit comes in a range of sizes that mount to a telehandler, front loader or skid-steer unit for cubicle bedding.

3. Ag cubicle bedding dispenser.

The unit dispenses both right and left, with a range of bedding materials. The 175 model is at the larger end of the product range, with a hopper capacity of 1.5m3.

4. Greenhill Heatguard Evolution roof sheets

Greenhill’s Heatguard Roof System is a triple-layered polycarbonate sheet for use on livestock housing.

4. Greenhill Heatguard roofing system.

The product increases natural light entering sheds, but reflects heat and UV to keep internal temperatures cooler. Roof sheets come in 6m lengths and a 1,016mm width.

5. Vantage flow meter

The vantage flow meter can be fitted to tanker and umbilical slurry systems to give greater control over spreading rates. The unit operates with Bluetooth, although it is best utilised through ISOBUS and GPS functions.

5. Vantage slurry flow meter.

The spreading rate is inputted into the product software interface on a smartphone or tablet. The driver is given a forward speed to match that spreading rate.

With GPS and ISOBUS, the forward travelling speed is automated to match the spreading rate and sectional control is also possible.

6. Northern Engineering cow tipper

Arboe-based Northern Engineering demonstrated its cattle rollover crate at the Winter Fair.

The hydraulically operated crate fits cattle of all types, size and liveweight and comes fitted with rubber inserts for animal comfort.

6. Cow tipper.

The side wall clamps cattle, and with no floor, once rotated on its side, all four feet are easily accessed by the operator. All controls are operated from one fixed position at the rear of unit.

Cattle can enter and exit the crate whilst the operator stands in a safe working position at all times.

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