Pedigree Holstein heifers were a solid trade at the monthly sale of freshly calved dairy stock in Dungannon Mart, with Taaffe Auctions facilitating the auction.

Three bulls and 75 heifers went under the hammer, and while milk prices are currently running well below the cost of production, there was a big turnout of buyers looking to maintain annual herd yields.

Topping the trade at £4,000 was JK Rubels Irene Red, a red and white heifer from JK Genetics, Dungannon, born August 2021 and currently yielding 36l daily.

Sired by Hoogerhorst DG OH Rubels-red and the homebred dam, JK Inka, the top-priced animal has bloodlines going back to Suard-Red Jordan Irene Red, a former world and European Holstein champion.

Prior to the sale starting, Relough Jazz Danna 5, a September 2021-born heifer from Malcolm McLean, Donaghmore, was stood out as the champion animal.

Calved on 15 September and yielding 38l, Danna was sired by Cal Roy Al Jazz from Relough Rubicon Danna 4 and sold for £3,300.


Kicking off the sale were three pedigree bulls from Inch Genetics, Downpatrick. First through the ring was Inch Lambda, a March 2022-born son of Farnear Delta-Lambda and the homebred dam Inch Benloyal Ivory.

Selling for £3,600, Lambda boasted a strong background of high yield and good milk solids.

Matching that price was Inch Pedro, another March 2022 bull with 69% British Friesian genetics, sired by Inch Persistent.

The final bull was Inch Dundrod, and with 90% British Friesian genetics, as well as a strong pedigree on milk solids and yield, he went on to sell for £3,500.

Leading heifers

Other leading prices for freshly calved heifers saw £2,850 paid for Relough Einstein Danna 3 from the McLean family, giving 39l daily. This was followed by £2,720 for Kilvergan Blackstar Telstar, an August 2021-born heifer by To-mar Blackstar and yielding 39l after calving on 2 September. The majority of heifers sold commanded prices between £1,900 and £2,200.

This Holstein bull, Inch Lameda, born March 2022, sold for £3,600.

This Holstein-Friesian bull, Inch Dundred, born February 2022, sold for £3,500.

This Holstein heifer, calved on 22 September and yiedling 37.5 litres, sold for £2,340.

This Holstein heifer, calved 3 September and yielding 34 litres, sold for £2,200.

This Holstein heifer, calved 26 September and yielding 37 litres, sold for £2,220.

This Holstein heifer, calved 12 August and yielding 37 litres, sold for £2,400.

This Holstein heifer, calved 29 September and yielding 31 litres, sold for £1,920.

This Holstein heifer, calved 3 October and yielding 33 litres, sold for £2,100.

This Holsteon heifer, calved 10 October and yielding 30 litres, sold for £2,100.

The Champion Holstein heifer, calved 15 September and yielding 38 litres, sold for £3,300.

This Holstein heifer, calved one week and yielding 36 litres, sold for £4,000.

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