A vegan burger co-developed with US food company Beyond Meat, is “holding its own on the McDonald’s menu”, Beth Hart from the fast food company told an Ulster Bank event at Balmoral Show.

Describing that “as quite a big deal”, she maintained customers like the McPlant burger, and it will continue to be sold in McDonalds outlets.

However, she acknowledged that other plant-based products sold outside of the UK had achieved “a moderate level of success”.

Ultimately, Hart was clear that the core menu will remain beef and chicken, although she emphasised the importance of suppliers taking on board the whole issue of environmental sustainability.

Also commenting at the event, Ulster Bank Head of Agriculture Cormac McKervey suggested that those who criticise agriculture for all environmental ills had found “an easy bandwagon to jump on”. He maintained that “farming will be fine” as long as it sticks to science-based solutions and facts.

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