During the Eurogene Future Solutions 2023 meetings, which were held across Ireland, the primary focus on improving animal health emerged as a key topic of discussion.

The significance of minerals, mineral technology and nutritional support in this regard became evident.

Eurogene, which is part of the AI Services group, the largest AI company in Ireland, strives to drive innovation in all of its endeavours.

With access to industry experts, veterinary surgeons, specialists and scientists, Eurogene embarked on a comprehensive review of the market, both domestically and internationally.

Its quest for cutting-edge technology and superior products led it to establish an exclusive partnership with Terra Nutritech and Pitfield Animal Science, who are themselves at the forefront of the industry.

Terra Nutritech and Pitfield animal science: leading the way

Speaking on the partnership, marketing manager Patrick Bourke said: “Renowned for their expertise and innovative solutions, these companies have demonstrated a commitment to revolutionising animal health.

“Their emphasis on mineral technology and nutritional support aligns perfectly with our objectives.”

Exclusive distribution partnership

The partnership between Eurogene, Terra Nutritech and Pitfield Animal Science represents a significant step forward in improving animal health across Ireland.

As the exclusive distribution partners, Eurogene says it is committed to ensuring that these cutting-edge technologies and products reach farmers nationwide.

A spokesperson for Eurogene AI Services said: “By combining the vast knowledge and expertise of the Eurogene team with the innovative solutions provided by Terra Nutritech and Pitfield Animal Science, together we aim to provide the top genetics and achieve the maximum output and performance from these genetics.

“Our collaboration will empower farmers with advanced tools and resources to achieve better animal health and performance from their herds.”

Opportunity at Ploughing 2023

With these new developments, Eurogene felt it was a great opportunity to showcase its new product at Ploughing 2023 and its stand this year will feature Eurogene, AI Services NI, LIC, Terra Nutritech and Pitfield with members from all teams available to answer any questions you might have across the three days.