I see farmers in Northern Ireland are getting the blame for an explosion of blue-green algae which has formed in a number of waterbodies, including Lough Neagh and Lough Erne. Perhaps that is a logical conclusion, since farmers seem to be entirely and single-handedly responsible for every environmental ill these days. But can I throw something else into the mix? I spent a lot of time as a young boy in beautiful Co Fermanagh and still would take a run to those parts at least once a year. In the last 30 years it is unbelievable the amount of holiday homes, pods and caravan parks that have sprung up along the shores of the Lough. It might bring income into the area, but there has to be an environmental cost – the county is now full of septic tanks. The farmers of Fermanagh are among the least intensive and most environmentally responsible producers that I know. Remember, when you point a finger there are always four pointing back.

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