The Hereford breed took the red rosette at the weekend in the, wait for it, swimming class.

The Hereford heifer slipped her handler on the ramp of a trailer that morning and decided to go for a dip. She was joined in the swimming lanes by a Charolais heifer but the Hereford won the race swimming the full length of the 1,000m Garty Lough which adjoins the show field before coming up on a stone shore the far side completely unphased.

Given the difficult underfoot conditions at the show, she might have had the right idea.

Huge credit must go to Arva show committee who adopted a “the show must go on” ethos despite horrendous weather conditions. Everybody held their head and all exhibitors and patrons got in and out of the show field safely albeit with some wet feet and wet Hereford hooves.