After being up the wall last week we have slowed to a walk this week. This week is all about trying to get one step ahead of any issues.

Thomas and Michael have had the webs out of the harvesters in the carrot and parsnip fields to check over the rollers and the drives. It’s a horrible task to change a roller with the web in when you are under pressure.

I’m under pressure at the moment to put the last few pieces of the jigsaw puzzle in place for the year coming. We operate a 90% lease based business with all sorts of lease, sharefarm and other types of agreements. With lots of moving parts to tie down for the season ahead, it’s a mentally stressful time.


One aspect that will be tricky is the overlap between harvesting and sowing. We will still be in full flow on carrots and parsnips while we are sowing the new crop of both. This is going to take a good deal of coordination and help from contractors.

I said to myself a couple of years back that we would never own more than three tractors and contract in the rest but at times like this and with the seasons getting a busy as they are, the need for extra tractors, higher capacity machines and extra bodies is substantial.

A new factor in the balancing act between cashflow and expenditure on machinery and farm toys is a slightly more personal affair with my wife and I beginning the building process for our home on the farm.

The big decisions now will be around whether to spend that extra few quid on a fancy kitchen or buy a new harvester. Obviously I’m all for the harvester...