Contrary to concerns reported in the Irish Farmers Journal (“IFA chair calls for ban on solar panels on productive land” and “Farmers more open to wind farm than to solar”), solar power should be seen as an opportunity for farmers rather than a threat.

Solar panels can be integrated into a farm operation, providing diversified income for farmers and supporting our climate action goals.

Crucially, solar farms allow for dual land use, such as grazing amongst solar installations, thereby preserving agricultural productivity.

The farming community is too often cast as the villain in the climate change conversation.

Solar, however, allows farmers to be a part of the solution. Reaching Ireland’s goal of 80% renewable electricity will require solar to have access to just 0.2% of our agricultural land.

The Irish Solar Energy Association (ISEA) is committed to working collaboratively with the farming community, including our members, the IFA, to find balanced solutions that support both food security and sustainable energy development.