Farmers whose lands were acquired under compulsory purchase order (CPO) for the Adare bypass have said they are being treated unfairly in the financial compensation being offered and the time it is taking to put it in place.

Offers as part of the financial agreement were made to some affected farmers this week by Limerick City and County Council.

Gordon Shine, an Adare-based farmer who had some of his land acquired under CPO, said the claims made by farmers were in line with what was paid for CPOs in other projects and that offers made this week are “absolutely ridiculous”.

“What they offered us, once you have the tax paid, it wouldn’t even replace the land they’re taking. Never mind the fact that you’re being cut in half in some cases,” he said.

Monetary loss

Shine said the impacted farmers have been left at a monetary loss for months due to the CPO, as it came into affect on 1 November, but they are yet to receive appropriate remuneration. The offer this week as part of the financial agreement was two months late being made, they said.

Under the terms of the goodwill payment agreement, which has been issued to farmers, the offer should have been made by 10 December 2023, two months after the deadline for submitting a claim form.

In response, Limerick City and County Council said: “Negotiations are continuing between the council’s appointed valuers and agents acting on behalf of the affected landowners. In the absence of agreement being reached, there is a mechanism open to both the council and landowner for the compensation to be determined by independent third party means.”