The average payment made to farmers so far in the general stream of the Agri-Climate Rural Environment Scheme (ACRES) is just under €4,500.

Responding to a parliamentary question this week, Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue revealed the average payment made to 19,600 farmers in ACRES general to date is €4,479.

This includes 17,100 farmers paid in December and a further 2,500 participants paid in 2024.

It excludes those in general who are yet to be issued their payment, but are receiving interim funds currently.

Minister McConalogue could not give an average payment for those in ACRES co-operation, as they are being issued a flat-rate interim payment at present.

Interim payment

This week, interim payments were issued to over 23,700 farmers waiting for their ACRES monies.

A flat-rate of €5,000 was paid to those participating in the ACRES co-operation project and €4,000 for those who entered the scheme through the general route.

The Minister told the Irish Farmers Journal that all farmers will receive 100% of their payment by June, when balancing funds are issued.

If the interim payment is above the amount farmers are due under the scheme, the payment surplus will be recouped from other scheme payments later in the year.

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