ACRES delay: farmers under financial pressure to pay bills - Cairns
Amy Forde
By delaying payments for some farmers until March, people will be under intense financial pressure to pay their bills over the coming months, Social Democrats leader Holly Cairns has said.
8 December 2023 l2
Farm Tech Talk: star ratings, ACRES and nitrates
The fallout from the delay to ACRES payments, ongoing nitrates uncertainty and the changes to the star ratings among beef breeds are covered on this week's show.
8 December 2023 News
News Podcast: ACRES payment delays and reprieve from peatland rules
Over 18,000 farmers in this year’s agri-environmental scheme are set to be hit by a significant delay to their payments for 2023.
Sheep Management: TAMS delays, ACRES catch crops and SIS queries
There is still no real clarity surrounding when farmers who have submitted an application under tranche one of TAMS III can expect to receive approval.
6 December 2023 Management
Warning issued to farmers carrying out groundworks near monuments
Under the CAP, landscape features are protected and that may have an impact on farm payments, archaeologist Anne Carey said, warning that farmers could be fined for not protecting monuments.
6 December 2023 News
Over 18,600 farmers hit by delay to ACRES payments
Over €100m in ACRES co-operation payments to be delayed until February 2024 at the earliest.
6 December 2023 Schemes
Farm organisations slam Department delay to ACRES payments
The ICMSA, ICSA and INHFA have all hit out at the Department of Agriculture over payment delays.
6 December 2023 Schemes
Department to meet farm organisations on payment delays
A crisis meeting on farm payments will see senior Department of Agriculture officials meet the farm organisations in Portlaoise on Wednesday.
6 December 2023 Schemes
ACRES extension called for by INHFA
The upcoming 6 December deadline for non-productive investments under ACRES should be extended, according to the INHFA.
4 December 2023 News
'Strong progress' in meeting agriculture's climate targets - McConalogue
Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue outlined how the sector is playing a leadership role in delivering on the ambitious whole-of-economy target of 51% reduction in emissions by 2030.
4 December 2023 News
News Podcast: ACRES bottleneck, ICBF fury and calf transport proposals
Featuring in this week's News Podcast are the issues associated with scheme applications, ICBF evaluation fury and new proposals around live calf transport rules.
1 December 2023 News
More funding needed to accommodate farmers looking to join ACRES - INHFA
The limited number of places available will lead to major disappointment for many farmers, the INHFA has said.
1 December 2023 News