Weekly podcast: ACRES payments, record harvest and Thrive open day
Barry Murphy
Get details of the payments set to be available to farmers under ACRES and news of the tillage sector’s €700m record heatwave harvest.
11 August 2022 News
Advisers now able to access ACRES farm planning portal
A farm sustainability plan must be completed by an adviser before a farmer can apply for ACRES.
Payment rates for ACRES revealed
The Department of Agriculture has released its proposed payment rates for those participating in ACRES.
High tillage payment rates for actions over small farm areas
There are ACRES actions that some farmers may already be completing, such as minimum tillage, set to receive payments under ACRES.
Priority access and extra payments for organics in ACRES
A 30ha drystock farmer entered into the Organic Farming Scheme and ACRES can draw down in excess of €18,300 in 2023 for these two schemes alone.
Field scoring leaves farmer ACRES payments uncertain
Farmers in certain ACRES actions may find their payments dropping if field scores deteriorate in years three and five of the scheme.
Up to €220/ha for commonage farmers in ACRES
Farmers with commonage outside the ACRES co-operation project zones can apply through the general entry route.
Payment for grassland actions to differ by up to €300/ha
Farmers should familiarise themselves with the conditions of the new schemes as payment rates differ significantly between the actions.
Payment rates for ACRES revealed
Farmers who take up low emission slurry spreading (LESS) will be paid €1.20/m3 per year, while if you carry out minimum tillage, the payment rate will be €40/ha/year.
10 August 2022 Schemes
Farmer Writes: where does the future lie?
James Strain takes a glance at the new ACRES scheme, what the 85% convergence will mean and the 25% carbon reduction.
10 August 2022 Farmer Writes
ACRES designed to ‘discourage people from farming’ – IFA
The IFA has described issues with a number of aspects of ACRES, calling for the scheme to be given an enhanced budget and greater flexibilities.
8 August 2022 News
INHFA criticises absence of dedicated designation payment in ACRES
While farmers with designated land will get priority access to the agri-environment scheme, the INHFA said the fact that there was no direct payment for high-nature-value ground was worrying.
7 August 2022 News