Some 60kg of chicken bone waste has been dumped beside a dairy farm outside Kentstown, Co Meath.

The meat - rotten and decaying - remains where it was left as the farm manager Shane Corbally waits for the local authority to remove it.

Corbally came across the bones on Monday and said the meat waste was just the other side of the ditch from the dairy herd.

Speaking to the Irish Farmers Journal, he warned that if carried by vermin and birds, the chicken bones could spread disease to his livestock.

“My worry would be botulism and salmonella. If birds pick that up and carry it across fields or it lands in a water trough, it could be extremely dangerous.

“It could cause a hell of a lot of damage to the herd. It’d be very easily spread,” the farm manager said.


Corbally immediately contacted both the gardaí and Meath County Council about the dumping, but, at the time of writing, he said that no meat waste had been removed.

He described how he provided batch numbers and a business name from the meat’s packaging and has since covered it over with plastic and pallets to prevent further scavenging.

The Meath farmer described the incident as “disgusting” and called for the meat to be cleaned up.