The ICA has confirmed that it recently removed three members of its highest governing committee. Joan Dunphy Allen, Patricia Madden, and Carol Grogan had all been part of the 17-strong national executive board (NEB).

Allen was the national secretary, Madden was the northeast regional president, and Grogan was Louth federation president.

All three are still listed online as being on the national advisory commitee.

In relation to their removal, the association told the Irish Farmers Journal: “The changes occurred pursuant to clause 66(i) of the ICA constitution”.

It states that “a member of NEB shall cease to be a member of the NEB if two-thirds of the members of the NEB shall resolve that she shall cease to be a member of the NEB”.

In other words, the committee voted to remove three of its own members. No reason for this decision was given.

The ICA also confirmed that the ICA’s constitution “does not offer opportunity of appeal in this particular context”.