Four in-calf cows were killed by dogs in Wales, police have confirmed to the Irish Farmers Journal.

North Wales Police said that the animals received “catastrophic injuries” after they were chased down an embankment by a dog.

The incident occurred at some point between 3pm on Wednesday 23 August and 10am on Thursday 24 August.

Describing the incident in a statement, the police said they suspect a loose dog chased the cows within a farmer’s field in Maenaddwyn, just outside the Llannerchymedd part of Anglesey, Wales.

“We are appealing for information after four cows have died following an incident in Anglesey,” a police spokesperson said.

Police said the cows were found with "catastrophic injuries". \ David Ruffles

“This incident will result in a significant financial loss to the farmer, as well as the emotional impact of finding his stock in such terrible circumstances."

North Wales Police appealed to the public for information in relation to the incident. They also asked those who are aware that their dog had escaped in the area during the time frame given to come forward.

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