We farm: “180ac, milking 130 cows. I help my father, Ger, and my brother, Mark, who farm in partnership with each other. Dad has always been in dairy and my grandfather was farming here before him.”

At the moment: “All of the cows are dried off since last Friday. We’re taking a break from milking now until we start calving around 20 January. I always help feed the calves and I go out every evening with Dad to check which cows are near calving. We’re getting the calf shed ready for spring now. We’re also doing general maintenance jobs on the farm, like topping up some of the roadways that are a bit rough. We vaccinated the cows against rotavirus recently.”

2024 plans: “We’re applying to build an additional slatted shed to increase slurry capacity, that’s the plan for the summer when we get planning permission.”

Belgian Blue calf: “My godfather gave me a present of a Belgian Blue calf. I sold it a couple of weeks ago in Corrin Mart. The calf was 18 months old. It weighed 530kg and sold for €1,340. I was delighted with the price.”

Horses: “I’ve always been involved with horses, I was reared with them. My father breeds six mares for national hunt racing. We bred Oscar Time, who came second and fourth in the Aintree Grand National. My godfather, Edmund Coleman, bred Lord Windermere, who won the 2014 Cheltenham Gold Cup.”

Hens: “I started keeping hens during COVID-19; I have 12 and I’m thinking of getting more soon. A couple of months ago one of my hens laid a huge egg that weighed 127g.”

Quotable quote: “I won two silver medals at the Special Olympics in Los Angeles in 2015.”

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A ginormous egg, a Belgian Blue calf and everything in between