An application has been submitted for planning permission for the construction of a 306ac commercial solar farm in south Galway.

Irish developer Harmony Solar Galway Ltd is aiming to install 570,952 square metres of ground-mounted solar panels on a site located between Kinvara and Ardrahan.

The site comprises three parcels of land belonging to eight landowners in the townlands of Carrowgarriff North, Cloghboley, Drumharsna North, Drumharsna South, Killeenhugh, Keamsellagh East and Parkatleva.

Multiple access points will be established, including upgrades to existing access points from the L4505 and R347 roads, as well as the creation of a new access point off the R347.

The layout of the proposed solar farm. Source: Harmony Solar Galway

Buffer zones will be implemented within the project to protect recorded monuments and hedgerows on the site.

The location of the proposed solar farm. Source: Harmony Solar Galway

The developer is seeking a 10-year planning permission from Galway County Council, with the solar farm anticipated to operate for a period of 40 years.

Creggs Village

In August, plans were unveiled for a 260ac solar farm near Creggs village in Galway.

Elgin Energy, an Irish solar energy company, applied for planning permission for the project. Galway County Council has since requested further information from the developer before it makes it decision.